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In my tank I have some driftwood which is screwed to a slate. One peice (piece 1) reaches to about 4" from the water line and another (piece2) to about 3"

Piece 1 is to the left and peice 2 to the centre.

Piece 1 has thick healthy java moss growing on top of it. Piece 2 has unhealthy moss barely surviving on top of it. This piece can be regularly seen bubbling away. This was once covered wth BGA but this died of a few months ago (or was completely devoured by the snails). The Unhealthy Moss is covered in a short hairy Algea, I think this is thread algea, it is definitely not BBA.

Any Idea why these two pieces of Java Moss are behaving so differently when they are within a few inches of each other. I know the healthier piece has some water flow over it where as the other doean't, would this effect the growth? Also the unhealthy patch is an inch nearer the light and also in the middle of the tank.

Any ideas would be appreciated.


Tanks Specs:
Driftwood, mainly Malaysian and some others.
Eco-Complete 3"ish deep
HOB filter
AH Supply 36W Bright Kit

Plants (Medium planted):
Various Anubias (about 4 species)
Various Crypts (about 4 species)
Java Moss
Water Sprite
Corkscrew Val
Unknown Grass
Java fern

6 Tiger Barbs
6 Serpae Tetra
3 Ringed Loaches

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Are you sure? I have a lot of java moss in both my tanks, not a lot of flow on the moss section in either one. And boy, does it ever grow.
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