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Now I'm having extra mosses want to sell. I have the freshwater Süßwassertang (Round pellia), Java moss, Christmas moss, Taiwan moss, and Flame moss for sale. This is perfect to use for freshwater fish/shrimp tank.

Rare Regular Christmas, Taiwan, and/or Flame moss cost: $8 per portion tied on 2x2 inches Stainless Mesh Square.

Süßwassertang (Round pellia): $5 per portion tie in ping pong-goftball size.

(x1) portion of rare Mini Pellia tied on 2x2 inches Stainless Mesh Square: $20 shipped

Java Moss: $4 per portion ping pong-goftball size.


Süßwassertang (Round pellia)

Flame Moss

Java moss

SaltyShrimp Bee Shrimp GH+ sell in small portions

I have some extra divided into a small portion for sale at $7 per 50 grams in small zip-lock bag to try out. This can last for months as 3g treats about 20l (5g US) water .

I have about x7 of 50 grams (per in zip-lock bag) available.

Note: Payment required PayPal cash balance.

Shipping price within USA only.

* Feel free to combine items for one shipping.

$3 for shipping cost first class without tracking number
$7 for shipping cost priority class with tracking number
$1 extra for the tracking number if you want the tracking

No guarantee of lost/delay/damage by USPS/Post Office.
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