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Moss wall covering material help

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Recently I ordered two pieces of stainless steel mesh (Got from user nilocg) and just order a total of 4 zoo med magnetic suction cups to hold the ss In place. At first I was planning on sewing the moss to the top of the mesh but after reading many testimonials decided that would take far too long. So my question to you all is what should I use to hold the moss (jave is what I have an abundance of) to the mess? Been looking for a nice fabric or nylon mesh or as I seen it called a tulle. Thanks
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Two 12 x 12 inch pieces of stainless steel is what I got. Main reason didn't wanna do fishing line was that I was under the impression each 12 x 12 piece would easily take a hour or more. I am lucky if I have 4 hours outside of work to myself a night (work on average 60 or so hours in winter and even more during summer). But if fishing line is the best choice I will have no choice but to buckle down and just plow through it.
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