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I've been keeping aquarium fish for about 15 years. I recently made the jump to planted aquariums. I figured I'd start at the bottom of the plant chain and work my way up to more advanced systems.

Right now I have a 5.5 gallon Heres the specs.

Zoomed 501 canister with foam filter pad and ceramic bio rings.

14 watt strip light with 8000k bulb


Air pump that I'll explain later

Plain inert gravel.

3 zebra danios

No co2

I set the tank up a week ago without the moss and I added the 3 fish to help the tank cycle. Over the past week the amonia rose bigtime and was sufficating my fish so I added an air pump last night. I figured the reason the amonia wouldnt go away was from lack of o2 for the bacteria in my filter.

My moss (peacock) arived today and I added it to the tank. Since adding the moss my water has cleared up alot just in the past 2 hours.

Should I turn the air pump off now that the moss is in? or put it on a timer just to run at night?

The air pump does help and ad alot of circulation.

Next I plan on doseing with excell and flourish. Should I let the moss settle in before I start dosing? and how often should I dose?

The tank for now is gonna be strictly a moss tank. Once I get my moss going and everything ballanced I might add some cryps down the road.
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