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So, i got some weeping moss from uk last year, and they were growing really well. Then i accidentally killed 90% of them. They are bouncing back.

But i got impatient and i brought some more from a different vendor (i didn't like the one i brought from the first time, 95% of them died in the mail, i had like 5 strands left that i used to grow out, so i brought from a new person).

So this new batch of weeping moss grew out, it has the same fronds and texture as my first batch. But my first batch weeps as soon as it gets to about 1/2 inch, it gets slightly curly. These don't. Both are in a high tech tank, the first batch is is a low high light/ upper medium light. The 2nd batch is in high light.

Anyone with a good eye can tell if they are the same? or different type?

First picture is from the first batch, see how it branches and weeps.

Second picture is the 2nd batch, see how the strands are straight.

But they both have the same texture, and the fronds looks the same.
1 - 6 of 6 Posts
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