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moss id please

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got this as a unknown moss with a package that had several types in it. its starting to grow now wondering if anyone know what it is.

it grows vertical like flame but its way to thin, to be flame


edit: uploaded a little better pic (i got a 7 year old point and shoot so i can only get so much for detail)

its way to thin for java, i have a rock with java in the same tank on the same level/depth, and its way more thick on the fronds or limbs. as a kind of size comparison the string holding it on the rock temporarily is regular sewing string and this stuff is less than half as thick.

have to see how it looks in a few more weeks could make for a good carpet type moss

might have to try and get a magnifying glass and see if i can get some jury rigged macros :)
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Hmm... from a blurry pic and trying to look at the old growth id guess Java but thats just a stab in the dark without seeing it grown out. Even then, mosses are hard to ID because they grow in different forms in different parameters AND light levels.
Possibly stringy moss? I don't know for sure. Ditto on what Chad said.
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