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Moss for Dummies

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I'm trying to do some research on planting and the use of Moss. So far I've found:

Moss is mostly used to keep shrimp / newborn stock safe from bigger fish.

Tying Moss to Hardscape
Moss walls

My questions are:

Does Carpeting simply involve sticking clumps of Moss into the substrate?
Should I look into getting some kind of moss mat or something?

If Moss is used as a Carpet, will it get dirty easily from Algae or weighed down by mulm etc?

Please answer // Feel free to post your own Questions.
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to make a moss carpet:
-buy as much moss as you need, it works best if you hae enough for the whole carpet at once. i reccomend java, taiwan, weeping, or xmass moss.
-get flat, thin small peices of slate to cover the whole area you wanted covered in moss.
-tie moss on slate
-place slate to fite together as closely as possible.
-wait a few monthes for it grow in. you will need to vaccuum the moss to keep it clean.

I'm having this issue in my 2.5 nano. It's a algae magnet :(

I think I'm just going to stick to keep the Moss on Rocks and Wood for now. I tied up alot of Moss to some stuff today. Wasn't hard at all.. I figured it would be harder since the Moss would float!

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So i took the moss outta my tank earlier this week and put it in a bowl.. I tried to rub as much of the algae off with my hands as possible.. Anything else I should be to get it clean before I put it back in a tank.
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