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Been a long time planted tank people. Okay so it's time for me to shut down the shrimp tank, I have a few items for sale if anyone would like them. I really hate to do this but I no longer have time for this certain tank and my 2 new hobbies. I have 4 other tanks and not enough time for anything these days it seems, one other might follow. Now one last thing is some moss does have algae, not much and I do my best to pick out infected pieces, but I feel this needs to be mentioned. Not perfect, but the moss and other plants I have are healthy and growing pretty thick.

-I only have enough shrimp left for one 15+ package of cherry/decent pfr -15$ (local pickup only in Richmond, Va, I will not ship these)

I will however ship the following:

- fissidens fontanus nice large clump on 2x2" stainless steel netting- 14$ (been growing this one for years, every once in a while I'll remove a golf ball or 2, its time now and I still usually have a nice bit left after the trim, I'd rather sell the whole thing)
- fissidens fontanus attached to 2x2" stainless steel netting - 7$ (not as full as others)
- fissidens fontanus attached to stainless steel 1x2" size netting but has the same amount as 2x2" - 9$

- fissidens fontanus golf ball - 7$ / 1 available
-Pella / subwassertang - 12$ for baseball size or so (2 handfuls! It's a lot!)

----or take both the fissidens fontanus golfball and the pelia softball for $15 +shipping!

-Purple cabomba 3x + and 1x hygrophila pinnatifida - 7$ (or I can split this one)
-Dwarf pennywort- 5$/clump (2 available) - this is an awesome pennywort, stays low and grows in nice pillowy clumps like h. Japan.
Dwarf sag - 7$/portion, only one available, 15 or so plants I believe.

-As much emersed bacopa caroliniana as I can fit in a flat rate small box for 15$/shipped

----so with more than half the stuff sold, you can take the rest of what I have here for $45 shipped (save 14$)! Package them together and save!

-Moss pack
One golf ball of fiss fontanus, golf ball or so of Xmas moss, golf ball or more of java moss, and small sample of pelia - 16$ ----MOSS PACK SOLD-----

-C. Nurii mutated - 15$/plant (this one is blooming for me right now, very happy and healthy) , 3 ½+", has a small bit of bba on the ends of a couple leaves. One plant available only. This is the real deal here folks, directly from GG on APC forum, he cloned these many years ago before they were propagated so heavily in aquariums as they do today. ----- C NURII SOLD! --------

Shipping on all items unless noted will be 6$.

If you would like multiple items here, have any questions, or think my prices are ridiculous, PM me and we can work out something!

I cannot post pictures here at the moment but PM me and I can provide a few pix. Check both my journals 40 breeder and 10 gal to see most pix I have, from a few months ago but not much has changed. Check my feedback also, I try to provide only quality items!

Disclaimer: My plants might have a bit of green dust algae or some other on them, I do my best to remove anything infected. I have snails in my planted tanks but I couldn't tell you the last time I seen one (MTS). Now on the other hand my moss tank does have MTS and shrimps in it, so beware. Ask me and I will let you know which tank the plants come from.
I will offer a DOA guarantee on plants as long as your temp isn't below 32F or above 90F. Just send me a pic with in a few hours of USPS marked arrival and we will go from there, but I have yet to have an issue.
PH: 6.8-5.9, Full CO2 system running too many bubbles to count, highish light, EI type ferts, root tabs and a couple other things.

Thanks so much, so good to be back!

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