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Hello all!

It is time to set up another tank and start aquascaping!

Details and specs will be posted this Friday. I essentially just drained my first tank (which can be seen here) and bought new substrate. I have a lot to work with, however new hardscape materials could be in order as well.

The first pics you'll see will be a multitude of dry aquascapes. I'll simply build one, take a pic, and start over (like a zen garden), and then reflect back over the list to find my favorite. :)

Equipment (Started on 5/1/15)

Tank: ADA 60P

Filtration: Eheim 250 Classic Canister Filter

Lighting: Current USA Sat+ (2)

Hardscape: Seiryu Stones and IM Nuvo Twisted Rosewood

Substrate: 9 Liters of "Normal" Amazonia & 3 Liters of "Mini" Amazonia

Heater: 25w Eheim Jager

CO2 System: Milwaukee Regulator with 5lb Cylinder

Glassware: CO2 Art Small Pollen Glass Diffuser + CO2 Art Nano Lily Pipe (Outflow)

Additives: 2 Liters of Power Sand S


- 26 Neon Tetras
- 2 Rosy Loaches


-Echinodorus (Pinwheel Sword)
-Ludwiga repens
-Anubias Nana
-Alternanthera reineckii roseafolia
-Pogostemon Helferi
-Hygrophila pinnatifida

July 26th Maintenance Video

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Aquascape Pics Round 2

First nine aquascapes from just fiddling around in the "studio". I dislike some, if not most of them, however I take a snapshot regardless because later on in the process I may find some inspiration or see that a small change to a already-conceived scape could create gold.

Pick your fav, I know which one mine is. For some of these, such as the first one, you have to keep in mind that the plants will obstruct some of the scape and that their trimming will give me some flexibility to manipulate what the perceived scape is...

The last one is too symmetrical, bleh! However, even with that one, some tall plants and some color could easily draw the eye elsewhere. The "den" created in a couple of them is kinda cool, i could picture some short grass sprouts and some medium plants surrounding the opening to create a dark hole for some kind of fish to peek out of ominously. Whatev, I'll mull it over.


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Number 5 but that piece of driftwood that's standing up don't look right plus the two big rocks need to been under the substrate a little maybe add some smaller rocks next to those rocks.

Bump: Do something maybe like this.
Lol, that's actually one rock on the left. It's a my nicest piece, a good oyaishi IMO. It's funny you say the piece standing up "don't look right" because I would personally say the piece on its side "don't look right", the driftwood piece is very multi-dimensional and that's kind of lost when you lay it on its side (especially if your going for a tree root look).

In general I would agree that it would be preferable to use more stones for a lot of these: Such as using five rather than simply one or three. It is just difficult given the amount of depth the 60-P has and my limited stone collection. Also, when you're using both driftwood and stones, it can start looking cluttered very quickly, as it does in a few of these photos from my perspective.

Thanks for the input! Food for thought! :)

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5 or 7, maybe try sloping some substrate and place rocks underneath the dw, and have add some rocks to the left to counter the right side? Most of the pictures seem a bit too heavy on the right side.
Ya I'm a sucker for the right side lol XD

Burr740: I will have some of those scapes in the future, with the dw pointing up. I kind of just avoided it today because my last scape was with the dw pointing up in the center (like a stump upside down) and I just wanted to branch (XD) away from that, at least initially.

Ty guys! :3

Link to the previous tank

Keep in mind this is my 2nd ADA tank lol...

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Of you or the tank? :hihi:
Exactly ;) ;) ;)

Sorry my friends, I'm not doing a boring/average iwugami :p

I know I could just take that #3 setup and do BDT's all over the place with maybe a background plant, but that's too boring for me. I need a lot of (different) plants with a lot of angles and different textures.

I'm not trying to do a super clean cut textbook iwugami. Besides, the tank was setup and planted before y'all commented so you were too late xD

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