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More Questions (sorry!)

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ok, I'm a freak. Instead of sleeping, I browse the threads in this forum and search everything. But still I have yet more questions.

Where are good places to find rocks for aquascaping? I know that the guy who did this tank bought his rocks from the actual amano store, but where would you get something similar in shape?

I forgot what thread I saw it in but someone grew a very cool looking carpet of riccia by tying it down to slate. Are there instructions somewhere on how to do this? Does the riccia just grow out from the piece of slate?

Is there a good material to make a reflector out of that is not too expensive?

I will try to go to sleep now. :confused:
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Can't help you with the rocks, I wouldn't pay money for rocks as my surroundings are littered with them. My advise, get outside, find some mountains, and grab some rocks that you like.

You can make good reflectors out of any material (like wood) and paint them with a bright white color. There is a small improvement when using specially shaped mirror reflectors, but you'd be surprised at how good white color reflects.

And a little suggestion - make your thread titles more interesting, that way more ppl are inclined reading your posts and responding. Rather than "More Questions sorry" try something like "Where to get rocks?" or "How to tie Riccia?" if you can't find an answer by searching.
In Ann Arbor, you're kinda out of luck when it comes to rocks laying around. Try a landscaping place. There's one in Plymouth if you ever go that way called "The Rock Shoppe" (give or take a few Ps and Es) where you can get all kinds of rocks, not too pricey. Might be one closer to you.
Here is another thread where we discussed rocks and where to get them.

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