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More or Less?

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What is considered high light? Because right now im at 33 watts on my 10 gallon tank. And i accidentally broke the other 20 watt bulb so i was stuck using a 20 watt and a 13 watts :hihi: . And i was thinking about going back to buy another 20 watts 6500k CFL which would be 4wpg. So is it high light or moderate, and also if it is high light then what will i need to add to keep me algae free and keep my plants from dying?
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i dont claim to be an expert, but i believe 33-40 watts would be high on a 10 as it is not that deep. it depends on the bulbs to because 40 watts is differant between say t-8 and t-5 bulbs. to much light will require co2. im sure others here will gve you better info.
How high are the bulbs off the tank? If it is just one of those standard screw in fixtures that come with incandecents for a 10 gallon leader, and they are only about 2 inches off the water, than you deffinately have high light with those 2x20cfls. High enough that you will probably start experiencing algae issues.
You've already got high light. I hope you've got CO2 and ferts mastered b/c the plants will need them.

Less is usually more when it comes to lighting tanks.

Put any more light over this tank and you'll most likely need to not only get pressurized CO2, but keep the CO2 levels so high that you'll start having issues with your livestock.
then what about if i take out the other 20 watt cfl and just put the other 13watt back in so then its just 2 13 watt cfl ~2 inches off of the water? Thats 2.6 wpg, thats about moderate light right? And is weekly water changes and diy co2 enough to keep this healthy, oh yea and one of my friends (more of a noob than me) bought some aqueon plant food, is this ok?
i just replaced my 20 watt with the other 13 watt. What fertz does everyone use .
Yep, high light for sure. I'd at least look into DIY CO2 if you don't use pressurized.
Alot of people like the rootmedic micros and macros.
I am planning on getting the complete package from gla. I heard that's good. Rootmedic I've hear VERY good things about. And I would order from them in a heart beat!

Good luck!

You can call me Bob ;)
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