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Greggz, You are one of my idols here. I read your posts a lot and have great success with your recommendations. Thanks for making a difference in my tank!
I think we might of missed a key point on the article posted by Stan510. Brush algae is what? BBA or Staghorn or ? I fight staghorn in a grossly over populated and over fed High tech 165 gal with large fish. PO4 reduction works magic on hair and staghorn. Not so much on all other algae, exactly as you say. This nasty staghorn is an animal of its own. I change the PO4 bags in my sump when I do my monthly sump cleaning and 50% water change. In a month my anacharas has filled my refugium and has happy staghorn on it. I remove half of the plant material without regard to the staghorn and the staghorn vanishes in a week and stays gone until the anacharus over grows and has to be trimmed again. I can tell you...My fish food gives a lot of PO4 to the point the refugiums and the plants you see below cannot consume it all.

The Pleco is 18" long. Fish live for 15 year or more in my tank. The Blue ones were born in the tank. Plants have been there 4 years. Yes that is an air curtain in a CO2 fed tank. TABOO! I know! But the CO2 is actually pulled across the top and down the front of the tank before it disappears. Shrug It works.
1 - 1 of 16 Posts
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