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More Inverts for my Nano

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So, next month when my betta moves out of his 2.5, I want to convert it into a shrimp tank. It is currently home to one red cherry shrimp.

My water parameters are 0 nitrates, 0 nitrite, hardness of about 25, 0 chlorine (thank you well water), alkalinity of about 80, pH of 7, and a temperature of just below 80 degrees at the front of the tank.

Given those parameters, what could I keep? Also, I've heard inverts like hard water. Is there a way to harden my water without raising pH?
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There's a way to get harder water with lower pH... however, Neos typically prefer neutral or higher pH water anyway.... water with KH in it.

Minimum, cherry shrimp should be kept in water with 2-5 KH and 6-10 GH. You really need the API or Sera liquid test kits... and preferably, a TDS meter, too.
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