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Mordalphus' 30g Sulawesi Journal

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Ok, so I've been keeping dwarf shrimp for a while now, and decided it was time to try something a bit different than the acid-loving, soft water species I've been keeping. I had a spare 30 gallon tank that was cycled and outfitted with a filter, so I got the bright idea that I'd set up a tank to mimic one of the many lakes from the island of Sulawesi in Indonesia!

So here ya go:

Tank: 30 gallon
Light: 2x23w CFLs in dome fixtures
Filter: Marineland Magnum 220 with charcoal intake goes into a double sponge filter, also there is a smaller powerhead filter to help circulate and oxygenate the water
Miscellaneous equipment: Hanna continuous pH and TDS meter
Substrate: 3 layer, bottom is crushed coral, then turface, then black 3M colorquartz, there is plastic mesh between the coral and turface
Flora: small bunch of subwassertang (not expected to survive the rabbit snails) and a small bunch of fissidens fontanus
Fauna: 10 blue leg poso shrimp, about 30 rabbit snails of all sizes and types and 3 Sulawesi zebra nerite snails

Here are some tank shots:

TDS and pH meter:

Blue leg poso:

Some nice algae covered lace rock:

Some rabbits hangin out:

More rabbits:

Cute baby rabbit snail:

Well, that's it for now, I have some cardinal babies coming next week! Right now I'm doing WCs trying to get my TDS back down under 200 (lava rock and coral causing it to be a bit high atm)

Also, my pH probe for my continuous monitor is old, so I'm waiting for my new one to arrive via hong kong express mail, haha, hopefully I get it within a few weeks :/

Thanks for looking!
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Nice tank, looking forward to the Cardinals. Are you doing WCs with RO or tap? Some folks do RO + coral to get high pH and low TDS.
Wow, very nice :)

That's an awesome meter, where & how much if you don't mind me asking?

The snails eat every plant I put in my Sulawesi tank:icon_roll They especially love duckweed though lol. They climb up, grab a bunch, & freefall with little green duckweed parachutes. I put de-tannined IAL in also, they eat them pretty quick. Only problem is LOTS of snail poo, so I've added a school of not-so-Sulawesi detritus cleaning type fish (that obviously don't eat shrimp).

Nice start of algae growth on your rocks. Do you have sunlight hit the tank at all?
I see spinach i think, what else will/do you feed the shrimp? My Cards won't touch much that isn't meaty...

I'm wondering why did you put the layer of Turface?

Great start, subscribed :D
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You may want to put something over the inlets for that internal filter. The babies we are getting are uber small.
Nice setup. Just to let you know.. I am going to steal your powerhead spray-bar idea :D
Beautiful snails.
Looks nice so far! I like the snails they look cute and funny. What are those flat squares?

Cool, I'm gonna convert my 5g into a Sulewesi tank for my Malawa. Right now they are with my RCS. My tap water pH is 8.0, not a clue about TDS though. Gonna buy a small chunk of lace rock too for them. And maybe a zebra rock.
Donny - I'm doing 10% weekly WCs with RO conditioned in coral

dirtyhermit - it's for monitoring hydropic reservoirs, but I think it cost me 120 dollars. No sunlight, but I'm farming algae in buckets outside, seeded with that green algae. The spinach was a treat for the snails because I was making spinach stuffed peppers last night. Them and the shrimp usually just eat my brand of shrimp food.

nikki - the foam is glued to the inside of the inlet on the powerhead

onefang - thanks!
eden marel - flat squares are stone patio pavers I think... I was at home depot getting lava rock and was looking around outside and noticed they looked similar to the rocks in underwater pictures of lake poso so I nabbed them.

oh, and I just used turface for filler and hopefully to keep the snails from digging too much.
Got my cardinals today, pictures tomorrow (if they're not all hiding, hah!)
Glad they arrived to you relatively safe and sound :)

Ok, so All of my cardinals are hiding where I can't take good pictures of them. I tried, but they're so small and my camera just would not focus on them. So I took some pictures of the blue leg posos, which are doing really well!

This first picture is when I came home from work early to find them romping through a pile of pure columbian coke. Boy were they in trouble! I scolded them sternly before confiscating it.
Actually it's just their weekly dose of oyster shell, but that just sounds boring.

And this picture you can see the blue dots on the uropod (the tail), and the blue rostum and the red antennule. They're really quite beautiful shrimp. Depending seemingly on what time of day it is, their body color changes from medium blue to dark orange. It probably has something to do with the way they're feeling, but so far it seems as though they all are the same color at the same time.

Anyways, here's that picture:
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Very neat
Thanks! And as I was heading to bed, a few cardinals popped out to say good night, so I stole their souls, and will now bear them for you here:

Here's a baby one in the crack between two rocks:

Here's a juvenile, also in the rocks:

Here's an adult, doing some sweet ninja moves against the algae:
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So what would I need to keep these guys?
you need a tank with a high ph and low gh/kh. Then you need some experience with shrimp. And that's it!

oh, and lots of money, haha

Nice pictures, thanks for sharing.

How do you keep your GH/KH low with the crushed coral etc.?
i was thinkin the same thing.

i guess ro helps alot.
I change water using ro conditioned with coral, the gh/kh are usually at 4/4 in the tank, and the tds is 300. After a wc the tds goes down about 30 points, and slowly climbs up to just about 10 less than previous, and the gh/kh do the same. It seems as though the corals gh/kh raising ability deteriorates over time
How long does it take for crushed coral to affect teh water parameters? I have a small tub with a small handful of it in some hot tap water, from the night before last night. The only thing affected so far is the pH. It is red, but there is no red on the pH chart? The gH/kH are still the same.
I'm not sure how long it takes to affect the hardness, but it changes the ph overnight. My hardness comes down with each wc tho.
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