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Moray Eel and Plants... I'm scared

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Hello all,

I have recently had the urge for green. I have a gymnothorax polyuranodon and noticed he really enjoys my Anubia. Wraps himself around it like a snake. Obviously it gave me an idea but not sure if I can actually do it.

Currently I have about 3/8 thick of black colorquartz S grade and I have yet to see him burried in it. My question is, when starting a new planted tank, do I need to take out all my fish or can I just add the 1" eco complete and 1" colorquarts with my current stock?

10" G. Polyuranodon, 2 cory, 2 otto, 12 1" glowlight tetra, 2 8" Clown Loaches and a 6" whiptail (6" Discus, Angelfish and brown bgk has been moved).
2 java fern, anubia, java moss
24" satelite plus for 7hrs per day and weekly dose of excel to date.

The plan is to keep it a low tech setup
Here are some pics I took last week.

Brown Water

Snake Reptile Wood Scaled reptile Serpent

Plant Vertebrate Wood Aquatic plant Terrestrial plant
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My recommendation would be that utilizing your current substrate by itself with the addition of root tabs under any heavy feeders would be fine. I use PFS and have a densely planted low tech tank. I would certainly avoid CO2 (as this will lower your Ph) and there is still a bit of researching to be done as to gymnothorax polyuranodon being a species that does not need occasional salinity/marine conditions. In any case of perceived health issues I would increase the salinity to at least lower end brackish and if maintaining it in freshwater, I would watch that the PH maintains itself toward the higher range (8.0 and higher) with a healthy TDS. Being from a hard water area, I can personally attest to seeing brackish species (Monos, scats, archers) doing terrific in very hard fresh water.
Yes, there is little info on these guys. I am keeping him in pure fresh and my water is hard here. Thanks for the reply, I might try just root tabs and ticken the substrate to 1"

If I were to add under the colorquarts, would I need to take out the stock (Moray or not)?
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