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Moral dilemma

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I was in Wal-mart the other day and as usual I checked out their fish gulag, I am really not sure why I bother, as I am always thourgly disappointed with the conditions of their tanks. While I was observing the fishy horror show, I noticed three good sized SA bumble bee catfish. None of them appeared to be ill and they were of good size and immediately I thought about buying them. But the burning question of right and wrong immediately popped into my head. On one hand there are three nice fish that I could give a decent home too and spare them from what would probably be a painful short existence. On the other hand by buying these fish I am supporting this grotesque mockery of fish keeping and perpetuating it even further. What is the right thing to do? And no, I will not go and steal the fish from wal mart. ;)
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DO IT. Just walk in with a crowbar, smash the tank, put the fish in a plastic bag, and run out. Then set fire to the store.
The Walmart here stopped selling live fish. They only sell pet and fish supplies now. So there may be hope that yours will do the same.
just get them. i've bought fish from them in the past and many were quite healthy. Or give yourself a pat on the back for buying the same fish for twice as much somewhere else, whichever suits you
i think it depends on how you wanna see it.

in the long term, maybe some people will think that giving up the few fish to save the greater population is better.

others may think that a deal with it as it happens solution is better. meaning find homes for healthy fish as they come in.

i guess it depends on which way you wanna see it. which way you are more inclined to see it.

i don't really understand the boy-cpott thing, but i guess if hobbyists like yourselves are generally keeping to the no-buy policy, then one or two fishes bought will not have great impact on the sum effect of the other fishes boy-cotted.

but is it really that bad? can't you guys lobby/petition for better conditions for fishies or something? i was under the impression you could do that kinda thing in the states. you guys stand for democracy man. =) oh well.
fishscale if I wasn't so sure I would be arrested and put behind bars for arson, that might not be a bad idea.

volatile I really hope mine does too! Stores that can't properly train employees to take care of something probably shouldn't have it in the first place.

JasonHornbuckle I think I will pay twice as much some where else and then give myself a pat on the back for supporting the small specialty stores that actually still care about product knowledge and customer service.

barfly I am not trying to bring down wallmarts fish departments nation wide, I am simply having my own personnel boycott, because I do not believe anything liveing should be kept in such horrible conditions. Sure me not buying fish their isn't going to force their operation to a grinding halt, but it gives me piece of mind.

And petitions would probably not work, as the common joe could care less about the quality of life some fish are living in a pet store somewhere. Look at betta cups, nobody cares!

The tanks at my store are bare bones, not even any gravel. I went there yesterday and they had 24 5" striped rapheal catfish crammed in a bare ten gallon tank with 6 clown loaches.... :icon_eek:
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Honestly, people like us not buying fish from walmart is not a big deal. It is people who know nothing about fish and don't care and are unwilling to learn who are the problem. Several cases:

A woman who wanted to put a percula clown in a goldfish bowl, then proceeded to get angry when the LFS owner tried to explain that it is a saltwater fish which needs saltwater mix, not table salt, and the great amount of equipment and filtration that is needed for them.

The guy who bought 30 danios and put them in an uncycled, unfiltered 10 gallon tank.

The guy who works at Petco who put a betta in a cup, and then filled it with water straight from the tap (that had chloramines in it).

The people who buy feeder goldfish and put them in containers that look more like tupperware than fish tanks.

People who buy fish from wal-mart are usually uninformed, or complete idiots who get angry when people give them info they don't want to hear. Occasionally, hobbyists take advantage of wal-mart because wal-mart itself does not know the value of the things it carries (like selling SAE for 99 cents).
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I agree, most people don't care about fish. I joined SFBAAPS only to learn that the majority of the members set their CO2 in their tanks by turning it up so high they bring the fish gasping to the surface, then they use that as a mark to turn the setting of CO2 just below that. I was told that doing it this way, you lose a lot of fish at first until you get better practiced at setting it but this was the way to achieve the optimum level of CO2. And these are hobbyists...
I always grief when i see painted fish or the ones injected with phosporous colours, but I realized that they keep producing those fish because lots of stupid people keep buying them. There are even altered genetics of fish here, i don't know how they do these but we even have pink zebra danio here.

(credit for the photo goes to the owner from another forums.)
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Aw, take em home. Save them from the guy who will put them in a betta jar.
I always grief when i see painted fish or the ones injected with phosporous colours, but I realized that they keep producing those fish because lots of stupid people keep buying them. There are even altered genetics of fish here, i don't know how they do these but we even have pink zebra danio here.

(credit for the photo goes to the owner from another forums.)
Actually, the Glo-Fish that you have a picture of was originally engineered to detect environmental pollutants, not for raising as a hobby fish. :p
well, what were you doing at walmart in the first place? i can't imagine disagreeing with their fish department ethics, but not holding that same judgment on the larger corporation...

I say if you bought other things there, go ahead and buy the fish. Otherwise try spending not just your fish $$$ but all of the money that you give them with local/small businesses.

Not sure if it's a nationwide trend but my Walmart also got rid of their tanks and stopped selling livestock. Now they only sell starter tanks, filters and misc supplies. But honestly, although the previous conditions of their tanks was horrible, it just so happens that they were no worse then my LPS.
Elenys cam
those are not glo-fish, they breed it because they have cute pink colour and the price was about $1. after that they export it to some countries and got banned because of the altered genetics or something. no we have overstock because they already breed millions of this fish and can't export it, the price goes down as far as $0.1

poor fish, maybe the color were altered when they're still young. because a friend told me when these pink fish breed, the baby fish are back to black zebra danio.
one by me actually has a really nice selection and quality plants in stock. they generally have more then the petco across the street has. which is amazing.

and i have bought stuff there before cause i was like wow...thats super cheap, how can i not buy it.
I've never had any issues w/ buying fish and plants from Walmart. If they looked healthy, I took em' home. They're 1/2 the price of the LFS. How can you not? It's not like a bou-cot from me will do any good for god's sake.
Glass pipe
Buy them. Their health/lives are more important than your personal boycott. Even if you don't buy them, someone else will and they will continue to carry fish. Save the fish!
It seems their are two definite sides to this discussion, however my personnel opinion will not be swayed. I basically hate Walmart about as much as one can hate a big box store. But I guess I just hate big box stores for the most part anyway. Weather I am at walmart, HD, etc... I find the customer service and product knowledge absolutely terrible. Unless you know exactly what your getting and have no questions, they are ok... Maybe it is just my Walmart that is ridiculous...

This is a funny topic though. I wonder what the general consensus would be if we were discussing fuzzy puppy dogs and kitties? The price is not an issue to me, because my LFS isn't that much more than Walmart, or online stores for that matter and at least I am supporting a quality fish store. So what if you spend a few extra bucks, it's not hard to see where the extra money you spend is going. I would rather buy my stuff from somewhere that knows their products, has the time to help a customer and run's a quality store. I am apposed to buying my fish somewhere for half the price, from someone who knows nothing about the products they carry and could care less if you leave happy or not. Again, this has been my experience and again this is NOT a boycott, just my choice.

Saraja87 I can't stop the train of of fish dying in my local walmart by boycotting it, anymore than I can save them all by buying them. I could go up there now and buy every single fish they had and by next week their would be 48 striped rapheal catfish and 12 clown loaches dying in the same 10 gallon tank. Then what? Not to sound cold, but this isn't really an issue of fish dying for me, as most fish in the hobby probably meet that fate anyway. It's more about supporting a quality store over a poor quality store. It would be a sad day for me when my LFS closed it's door's and I had to go and select my fish from the congested hordes of diseased and dying fish...
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greenleaf888 - Ah, now I agree with most of what you are saying and it seems that you have answered your own question. What I don't understand is what would possess you to be in the store in the first place, to then be tempted by their fish department? Seems to me that you must have been lost or in a moment of moral crisis ;)
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