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Mopani driftwood been soaking for days, still leeching tannins

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A few days ago I purchased some Mopani driftwood from Petco and I've had it soaking in warm water since, changing out the water every 3 - 5 hours. The driftwood is STILL leeching out crazy amounts of tannins, to the point where it would be very noticeable in my aquarium.

Any way that I can expedite this process?
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Although I have never used Purigen, lots of members recommend it for tannins.

I had a small piece of Mopani and it was still leaching 2-3 months later (after several days of repeated boiling and dumping the tannin-rich water prior to placing in the tank). I didn't mind the colour of the water, it was just amazing how long it took to fade.
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