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I'm restarting my long neglected planted tanks and I ditched my Coralife lunar aqua light for a build-my-led fixture. I really like the look of the moonlights at night though. Is there a strip out there that's just two or three blue LED's? The only ones that I have found have a ton of LED's, I just want a couple like the Coralife fixture. Thanks!
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I picked up this moonlight and it is decent. Don't remember it being nearly this expensive, either... but here it is: R2 Extreme LED Aquarium Moonlight: Pet Supplies
There is a semi DIY kit from rapid led for moon lighting also.
I use these on a couple of tanks. The 12,000K actually look like moonlight,
whereas Actinic Blue do NOT. :smile:
1 - 4 of 4 Posts
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