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I was just wondering what the benefits or disadvantages of using moonlight are in a heavily planted aquarium, if any. I really don’t know much about them other then I like the way they look at night. I’m thinking that I would like to get one but obviously I won’t if it’s going to hurt or hinder the aquarium in anyway. I’m hoping that someone can shed some light on the subject, no pun intended. :smile:
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I like the way they look at night.
That about sums it up. It's for you to sit and watch your fish do their thing. Some fish really enjoy having a few hours of moonlighting. Many of them are very active during that time (Otos, Loaches for ex). Others are said to be induced to spawn.

I would keep the intensity low, and only run it for a couple of hours so your fishies still get a bit of a dark period.

It shouldn't affect the plants at all.

Nice to watch the fishies do their thing after lights out. I only keep mine on for a couple hours. The light shouldn't be nearly bright enough to effect plants at all.

Thanks for the info. I pretty much thought it would be ok but just wanted to check first. Thanks!:proud:
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