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Moonlight Moonlight Moonlight

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I've read a lot of threads and Ya'll are so technically adept that I hope you don't take my post the wrong way. I love my aquarium and I thrive to make a good home for my fish but.... I AM NOT trying to duplicate true moonlight, I want something that looks beautiful at night.

The relaxing feeling of sitting down in the evening and enjoying a beautiful lit tank.

I have a friend with two tanks, the first tank has blue moonlights and the second tank has the new multi color led's designed for reef tanks. The blue tank looked good but the second tank looked GREAT!. The problem is that he has a small tank and paid out the yang for his multi system. I have a six foot tank and I can't justify spending $500 for sexy lights when I still have two grandkids to get through college.

So, I want to do the best I can with what I can afford (also don't like the heat put out by my friends system). I can get some bang up LED's from and I was wondering if anybody has tried to combine different colors to get a great looking moonlight? I'm willing to buy multiple strips and build whatever it takes to mount them.

I'm also wondering about any tricks I can use such as raising fixture etc. to help improve the moonlight look. I'm very capable of building if I know what I'm trying to accomplish.

I have a 150 gallon cichlid tank with live plants and a standard 48" canopy with two plant bulbs (whatever was on sale last time I needed a bulb).

I intend on leaving my current lighting but want to add another system for night time.

Thanks for any help and sorry for the long post :)
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How long will you run this light after the normal photo period?
on my 55 gal tank i had an ikea led multi color kit. not only did it add a very nice glow in the house but you got to see the outlines of the fish and plants at night.
was it bright noooooo far from it but was it nice at nite yesss. this kit i ran then for 4 years nightly no issues other than after 3 years had to clean a bit of water crusty off it, then it worked like a champ again
Moonlight is white.... ;)

on a 36g tank not 150 gal... but i'm sure with alittle work you can achieve the same look! maybe not call it moon light, but moons lights?
1 - 5 of 5 Posts
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