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Monthly periodical?

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Hey everyone...I tried looking in other parts of the forum but didnt seen to have much luck so I thought I'd ask here...

Does anyone recommend a monthly magazine periodical concerning the planted tank industry? Something geared towards a hobbyist?

Not sure if promoting a magazine on these pages would break any forum rules, so if you aren't able to respond here, please PM me what you have. Thanks!

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Here's a few. (Amano Article) (Join group first though...)

I think there's one from Europe also but I can't find it.

Mostly you just get mags for fish then they have articles on plants as there's just not enough readership for plants only. or you could just read everything here at the planted tank in any given topic as you see fit, and look at the tank journals a plenty!

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IMO Practicle Fishkeeping is the best!. Not cheap though and it is the one from the UK
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