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Monte carlo trimming?

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Hey guys, I have some new monte carlo, from LFS. It was cheap and super thick/healthy. I separated it somewhat but some areas are nearing an inch deep.. It's been in there for a little over a week.

I'm assuming its time to trim if its that thickness? Also, if so, how do I trim it? Something is not adding up..... if I trim like a lawn mower would, I'd definitely be cutting some stems as they are sporadic and on top often... I'm a little confused.

Please clarify, thank you.
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Like a lawn mower is how I do mine and probably how most others do too. Assuming you have good conditions in the tank, cut stems will cause the bunch to grow back even more furiously. In addition, if the cut stems are long enough, you can even stick them back into the substrate and it will reproduce into its own bunch. Like other carpets, the more painstaking time you spend on planting individual stems, the more healthy they will spread. This is how I've been able to spread my batch.

How thick you can make that carpet will probably depend on your tank conditions and substrate. Too thick and it might lift off entirely or starve the bottom of light. Too thin and it doesn't look too lush. Either way, it's mostly an undemanding plant and will take some abuse or mistakes. Don't overthink it too much :)
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