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Monte Carlo plagued with brown algae

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Long time listener first time caller. Ive been in the process of moving out for the first time so my newish 20 long I set up before I decided to up root and the tank had all my attention and now it does not. long story short it got neglected for a little while and some of the not established plants i put in there awhile ago were smothered by algaes of all kinds and the plants died in the tank causing even more algae. I fixed the probelm, got the dead plants out of there, no more algae (for the most part otherwise i wouldnt be here) but I am trying to figure out how to get this algae off my Monte Carlo since its just starting to establish and i would rather not rip them from the substarte. Now that ive fixed the problem, how do I remove the algae without distrubing the fragile plants?


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Was in the same spot with Monte Carlo and diatoms brown algae. The following helped manually removing as much of the brown algae as possible. The plants which were uprooted, I cleaned out the algae out of the bunches and replanted. Increased water changes almost 50% every 2nd day. Cleaned the canister filter and media, hoses and fittings and finally adding amanos and Otos.

It’s a waiting game but my problem was solved. Only to be replaced by stag horn algae but the story continues on!!!

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