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monmouth county shops?

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Hello fellow new jerseyans. I'm in the sandy hook (monmouth county) area of nj pretty much in the middle of the state right on the coast. There is one really nice fish store Tropiquarium that i like but it's about 30 mins away now because its winter but in the summer it's about 45-60 mins away because of all the tourists in the area. So i'm looking for another store. there is a store about 15 mins away that carry that basics but nothing fancy. If anyone knows of any other shops in my area it would be greatly appreciated =]
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Same boat here. I've yet to find any good shops in the Monmouth/Ocean area. All the good ones are either way up north or down in the cherry hill/philadelphia area. I have a couple near me that may have one particular strength or weakness. I go to different stores depending on what I am looking for.
BTW, have you found our NJ club yet? If not go here.
I did find the NJ club and signed signed up yesterday =] Tropiquarium is pretty good about getting things if they don't have something instock but if that's the case you can usually order it yourself and get it be cheaper.
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