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Molting Problem?

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Almost looks like a crack in the carapace.. been like this for sometime, feed enough calcium. What else could cause molting issues?
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May not be a molting issue? Mine have that but they are fine.....sometimes its approaching molting time and that happens.

Could be your gH though...what is it?
5 or 6, I hate the API GH kit. Maybe it's a really bad rili pattern lol?

If it is molting though, read it also could be too much protein? I feed a bit of flake food, and CPDs are messy eaters.
Protien stimulates growth. Veggies improve coloring. Might be a premature molt before she's ready... So she's holding on for a bit. Stick with the veggies for a few days and hold off on wc and see.
1 - 4 of 4 Posts
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