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Molly fry surprise!

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Yesterday I was peering into my tank and towards the back I noticed a tiny little fish. Shortly after that I noticed several other fry swimming around near the bottom of the tank and among the plants.

I took some time and netted as many of the fry as I could and moved them into the previously empty 6 gallon tank I have. They seem much happier in the small tank, as they seem to be much less afraid. I counted 18 fry in the 6 gallon tank and at least 3 remaining in the main tank that I couldn't catch.

So it looks like I'll have quite a few new Mollies soon! Hopefully the LFS takes them, because I don't have anyplace to keep 20 Mollies.
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congrats on the newborns!
Thanks! My wife and I recounted in the main tank and I guess we missed about 5. Hopefuly they don't get eaten!

Congrats on the Mollies .......
Well earlier today I moved a few more to the small tank, bringing the total up to 22 fry. In the main tank I still count about 6, so the new estimate is 28 fry! I'm sure my LFS is going to love me when I bring in over 20 Mollies to give to them.
1 - 5 of 5 Posts
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