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Mollies as algae eaters?

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Just wanted to see what your experiences were. Try to post what kind of algae(s) you had.
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I haad them eat Hair and Diatoms. As at the time when I had them those were the algae problems I had.
My mollie will eat diatoms, but not has quickly as my otto. However, it does continously "peck" away at anything that has the diatoms growing on them.
I've mostly got hair/thread that I'm trying to get rid of. It doesn't seem to be spreading, I just don't want to pick it out.
Is it just the black mollies that eat algae or any mollies will do the job? I have 3 dalmatian mollies in my tank and they seem to don't touch algae at all.
I have a white lyretail and it is always eating algae.
I have a dalmatain mollie and it pecks away at only the diatoms. The only other algae I have had in the tank is green spot algae, and it never touched it.
The best thing about mollys is that they eat BGA. I was starting to get some in my SH's tank and I tossed a molly in there (half expecting it to get eaten) and the next day I was happily surprised to see all the BGA was gone and the molly was still there. (apparently my SH isn't the killer the fish and game would have you believe. lol now I have rasboras with her.)
1 - 8 of 8 Posts
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