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Hi, I recently setup a small 20 gallon tank. It has some dwarf sags and a small amazon sword. The main piece is a nice driftwood I bought off of ebay. The guy says he boils and wirebrushes each piece before selling.

Currently I am running a little over 2 wpg for 8-9 hours a day, no ferts or Co2.

I've noticed on areas of the driftwood very, very dark green, almost black spotches that can be scrapped off.

The tank has been setup for over a month, with plants in the tank for 2 weeks and the lights started up the same time, and I just noticed it today.

Only 1 betta and 9 neon tetras.

I used suction cups to keep the wood down, so if it is mold, I would have to take it out, basically rescrub, bleach and boil it again, and takout my entire substrate since I will need to resuction it again to the bottom.

There is nothing that looks like algae or mold anywhere else in the tank.

If it is mold, is it dangerous? Will I have to get it out?
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