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Hello I thought I would just let my dry start go and watch what happens
to get my Monte Carlo growing. I have set up the dsm for a least 4-5
months and slowly the Monte Carlo has grown in. This is the best of
luck I can do. It is also the second time I have tried because flooding
the last time was an algae disaster. The monte carlo has grown nicely.
But there is mold all over the substrate which is now preventing the
Monte Carlo from spreading I presume. I thought about spraying
Hydrogen Peroxide. But what about this. What if I flood the tank and
do a H202 bath mix with a power head for 15 minutes and then drain
the tank dry again and re mist the soil with Monte Carlo. Would that
get rid of the mold buildup. It's not white mold, it is green mold. Maybe algae pours.
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