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Mold(?) in cycling tank

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I inadvertantly added in mold(?) into a new cycling tank. The only things in there are 1 blyxa, a few stems of rotala and HC.

I found the source of the mold, which was a bottle of DIY TPN. I saw stuff floating in there, but didn't think it would grow in an actual tank. So now the mold is growing in 1 or 2 areas (~2cm diameter circle) on the substrate (tahitian moonsand). It also grows on the silicon.

I tried dosing some extra excel, but nothing. Any ideas on what to do?
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Try squirting H2O2 on it. It might kill it. Use up to 1ml per gallon of tank volume (so 50ml for a 50g tank).

Try to not squirt the H2O2 directly on the blyxa. It's a little bit sensitive to it and won't do well with spot treatment, but it's okay if the H2O2 is just in the tank.
okay, thanks, i'll give it a try
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