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Someone here about a year ago posted this trick and I'm finally getting around to trying it. On an Eheim 2217 Classic (600 model) it fits like a glove. A bit on the bulky side, but I can hide it in my 125 easily. Also like that it won't clog every few days like stainless strainers, due to all of the surface area. Will report back on how it works, but I can't see any downside when dry.

The fit is snug and needed no adjustment or drilling out, which I had anticipated having to do.

Here's an up close look.

I do fear that the mesh size is going to be too coarse for fry from tiny chili rasboras that breed in this tank, but we'll see. Could always put a layer of foam inside, or otherwise alter it.

Just thought I'd share, thanks to the member who suggested this, and sorry I've forgotten who.
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