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Modern day Robin Hood...

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I'm kind of skeptical. I'm not familiar with archery competitions, but do they always have cameras during them?
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I'm kinda skeptical too: Lot of High-speed close-up photography for what should have been--just another shot......:icon_eek:
It appears to be a shoot designed to capture exactly what they filmed. You will note that the second arrow is a different arrow than the first. In fact I doubt that the first arrow is a complete arrow.
OK, if it's a competition, Isn't there some regulation on the arrow size? The second arrow fits quite nicely in the first. Also, I am not a bow hunter, but where is the notch piece in the back of the arrow that is in the target?
It can be done with a special kind of "target arrow" (hollow shaft). With regular wood arrows, a clean split isn't possible.
I think this was all setup. Maybe similar to myth busters on discovery. You can tell he was trying to get the second arrow into the first hollow arrow....

Not too easy looking:icon_eek:

i would hate to trespass on that guys property... i could just hear him now "ill give you a 5 second head start"....
I'm pretty sure it's not a "competition." More like a, display your skill for the camera thing... Basically, what Rex said.
i would hate to trespass on that guys property... i could just hear him now "ill give you a 5 second head start"....

Yeah, no kidding. And if he says "I can shoot 2 arrows right between your eyes if you don't leave!", you better believe him!
This is known in archery circles as a "Robin Hood." Not terribly rare, it can be done by the best of the best (or the luckiest of the lucky,) although I haven't ever heard of anyone doing it repetitively. The end of the arrow that goes against the string is called the nock, and you're right, the nock has been removed from the first arrow. Wood arrows are rarely used nowadays, mostly by purists who also use an old fashioned bow. Most arrows are now carbon fiber or aluminum (both are hollow), which can be made to precise tolerances (+/- .003 is standard.) I shoot a crossbow, and arrows aren't called arrows for the crossbow, they're bolts. And bow season starts in 11 days, and I'll be in my stand way before sunup. BTW - this guy is very good, just watch him shoot -- focused, never takes his eyes off his target, precise.

Terri S.
It'd probably take me awhile to do that even if they let me take the arrow up to the target and jab it into the other one by hand. It was still pretty neat, however he/they did it.
lol, jake.

i can see someone trying to stab an arrow through another one. :D
I cant see the website (some of the content is blocked here at work) but I've robin hooded an arrow once (mostly luck). Though my second arrow didnt split the first arrow so its not a full robin hood I guess. Arrows usually have aluminum bushing at the end the nock goes into and my bow just didnt have enough oomph with a field point to split the bushing... instead it split the knock in half and wedged into the bushing driving the first arrow deeper in the target like a hammer striking a nail in further.

My dad, who is a better shot than I, never aims for the same target with a second arrow. Though he has never robin hooded an arrow, he has broke many nocks, ruined many fletchings, and ruined arrow shafts be having arrows strike each other before when aiming for the same spot. Unless you have money to burn, better off aiming for a different bullseye for the consecutive shots. My arrows are about 12 bucks a pop with field points, closer to $20 with broadheads.
Im a big time bow hunter and I have seen that video. I have a friend that can speek and read korean. He told me the writing says that its the South Korea olimpic team. And it was a set up to show how well they can shoot. Plus that first arrow was bigger than the second one but it was just to prove a point. I have robin hooded my carbon arrows before where one sticks in the first one. It splits it out and splinters come off of it but it will stick in it and stay there if its right in the center.
Oh forgot to say... although I have seen some crazy accurate shooters out there, a deer isnt going to care if you can consistanly hit a 1" circle or a 3" circle... the outcome is the same. And besides, the one time I robin hooded the arrow, later that day I took a shot at a deer and completely missed. Hunting is way harder than target shooting when it comes to accuracy. So many more variables.
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