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Which Microrasbora Species Should I Pick?

  • Boraras Maculata

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  • Boraras Brigittae (Chili Rasbora)

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Hi, so I am currently new at this aquascaping business so please excuse my lack of knowledge at time. Anyways... this 10 gallon project has been pushed back over and over again. It has been used as a goldfish tank, a crayfish tank, a neglected tank. But looking through pictures I wanted to do the tank some justice...

Now, being a noob i have to admit that this isn't my first tank.. i've had a nano 7.5 cube before but due to light failure I lost almost everything I had in there.. so i guess this 10 is kinda like my way of remembering my once planted cube. -sigh-... Inspiration for this tank was brought to me by this tank:

and this was my tank..=(

I miss that moss tree..But anyways past behind me.. Here's to the new Project..

Plants (i'm going simple for plants mostly moss)
-Java Moss
-Christmas Moss
-Flame Moss
-Dwarf Hairgrass
-Anubias Nana
-Java Fern (Narrow variety)

--6 Borara Maculatas (still to get)
- Shrimp.. (still debating what species)

-25 watt Compact flourescent
-Elite Mini Filter
-Aqua Clear 30 filter
-Substrate: Normal geo system gravel T_T i miss my fluorite.
*future additions
-once enough money->pressurized Co2
-if my tank hasn't grown in yet i might rescape it later and get fluorite substrate.

now i don't have any pictures about the process unfortunately but its quite amazing how i was able to turn this tank from a "single log with gravel tank" to a somewhat respectable hardscape.

Pic 1: too bright.. still kinda cloudy from rescape

Pic 2: a bit clearer

Pic 3: (side view)

(all the moss is comming in tomorrow.. so im gonna moss up the wood. and hairgrass is comming in later on soo. yea. don't mind the spindly dead brown grass looking plant its just there to see if it makes a rebound... it WAS hairgrass.. LOLOL)

Yay. now the waiting game begins.

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Looks good. The rock in the middle looks too centered, might just be me; but I can see it looking good with the dhg foreground. Are you planning anything for the background? paint, plants?

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Nice hardcape! The white fuzzyness growing on your driftwood is just some aquatic fungus(?) that grows on driftwood. It will dissapeare soon, and is not harmfull to your setup at all.

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Day 3

Yes... my first bunch of moss has arrived.

There wasn't that much of each so I had to spread them out pretty sparringly... I recieved a bundle of Christmas and Flame moss to start adding some green to my tank.

First Try

I took off the extra flame moss on the drift wood to the right cuz i thought it might look weird once it grew in.. ill just wait till i have more moss to use till i start covering the other areas.

Second Try (Angled Top View)

Christmas Moss =)

Bottom left Bundles : Flame Moss

Anubias Nana + Christmass Moss

Side View

Full View

Bottom Up

Zoom In

Hope everything will grow in and fill up some of that empty space in the rocks.. waiting for Dwarf Hairgrass now... -sigh-

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Eleocharis Parvula

Hey everyone dwarf hairgrass is in. Gonna try to make it nice and thick near the rocks and add a different carpet maybe some HC by the open areas.

Yup... now gotta wait for it to grow in a bit.. I just have normal gravel right now..Will that be alright for its growth? If not what should i do?
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