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Mixing shrimp?

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I keep thinking of new questions to ask since I'm still new to shrimp, sorry ^^
I have shrimp that were sold to me as "cherry/rilli mix", I also have 4 "wild type Neocaridina" that were thrown in as a surprise when I bought some live food cultures (given as an easy quick breeding food source for dwarf puffers). Right now the wild types are just living in a >.5 tupperware with holes poked in the lid(with old almond leaves and moss they were shipped with) and I feel bad leaving them in there while the cherry/rilis get nice accommodations. To their credit they're very durable and still alive in there with the lack of love they're getting atm.
I was thinking of tossing the wild types together with the cherry/rili batch in my 2g bowl and jar since they're already not 'pure bred'. I'm not planing on doing selective breeding or future selling of shrimp so having odd offspring isn't an issue (as log as they aren't mutant monsters or sterile) If I ever manage to have "too many" I'll toss some in the dwarf puffer tank, see how they do.
Would the wild type eat the others or end up being eaten by the others?
Would these shrimp breed together?
What sort of offspring should I expect if they breed (dominant wild type aka clear shell genetics)?
Or is such mixing horrible shunned in the shrimp keeper community?
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They will all breed together. You will get wilds and some cherries will,be a mixture. If,you don't mind go for it. Rilis and cherries mixed will do the same

+1 There are people who just breed shrimp for fish food. In that case, coloration really doesn't matter. Yes, when mixed with wilds, offspring will be mostly browns and randoms, but who cares? You can still enjoy them, and feed your fishies too. :)
Thanks for the feed back. I'm sure the wild types will love the upgrade in housing (and the sexier selection of ladies ^_~)
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