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Mixing Neocaridina and Caridina Shrimp`

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Hey all you shrimp gurus!

So I know that generally you want to keep caridinas and neos in different tank condition... but... have any of you had any success breeding neocaridinas and caridinas in the same tank? If so what were the conditions (pH, KH, GH, temp, TDS etc.). What size was the tank.What kind of shrimps did you mix. Did you see population growth in both kinds of shrimp? Did one outpace the other in population growth?

Any help would be appreciated :bounce:
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No personal experience, but from what I heard, many Caradinas tend to breed slower at higher pH levels where-as many Neos tend to breed slower at lower pH levels. So... depending on the pH, may depend on how quickly one or the other will out-breed the other species. Part of this could be due to KH. I can't confirm, but I've heard that Neos do better with some KH over none, where-as Caridinas usually thrive from low KH to none.

I suspect that many may find best results in a "happy medium"... higher acceptable end for Caridinas and lower acceptable end for Neos. Which may be about 6.8 pH?

Feel free to ignore! :)
Haha thanks for the post! Yep from what I have read that is my understanding exactly. I agree that there is likely some kind of overlap, but will likely not produce optimum results for either genus. I am just curious if anyone has tried this and what parameters seemed to be this middle ground. If all else fails, I might just experiment myself :)
Recently took down my dedicated PFR tank and put them in with my CRS while I get another tank ready.

So far so good. Both have had babies since together but no new berried females since Iput them together 2-3 weeks ago.

They get along nice ¯\_(ツ)_/¯

I've got some BKK's arriving today and am probably going to kick the rcs out.

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