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Mixing Killifish

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I want some killifish for my new 34 gallon tank. They're all just so amazing that I can't decide on exactly one kind... I want to get maybe 2-3 pairs, each pair a different species. The tank is heavily planted and will continue to be planted over the next few months. It's new, and currently cycling.

Are there any species I should avoid putting together? Will ones from different areas of the world get along (say african vs south american)?

Thanks much!
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killifish purists are going to tell you not to do it. something about crossing lines and blah blah blah. i got yelled at for for crossing a panchax and a gardneri.

i'm not one, but i'm going to say don't do it. i worry about the aggression.
Many will be fine. But please don't sell or give away any hybrids that may result. Best to Google which killi your looking at to see how they play with others.

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I didn't even think they could make hybrids.

I was thinking like a pair of nothobranchius, one pair gardneri, one pair aphyosemion (like australe)... I wouldn't think they'd make hybrids, would they?
Only if the same genus. The notho and aphy, won't cross but the aus and gard I am not so sure about. Also remember the notho are annuals so u may only get a year out of then.

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Coincidentally I am waiting for the mail person to deliver a trio of australe today. Getting back into killies after a 10 year break.

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What genera are non-annuals? Won't annuals breed so I can hatch more?
I would really have to stretch my memory to list all the groups. Better to do a search to get a list, and I would trip over a lot of the spellings. Aphyosemion is the most common non annual. The annuals can be breed but most are peat divers and require a resting dry period before you can hatch the eggs.

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Some non-annuals include:
-Any north american killifish (Fundulus, lucania, leptolucania, etc)
- Pupfish
- Pachypanchax killies (from Madagascar)
- The rivulus complex
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