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~new homes pending ~I am thinning out plants from my shrimp tank this weekend. I don't know if anybody would want this batch of trimmings but figured I'd post just in case. PM me if it would be better that I discard the plants due to the following conditions.

*PLEASE READ* A few things to know about the plants:
1. Tank had planaria here and there so I did a 3 day treatment with Benibachi Planaria Zero a week ago. Since then I have not seen anymore of these buggers and shrimps stayed happy but I wanted to disclose that.
2. Tank has seed shrimps and blue ramshorns and pond snails here and there.
3. Most plants look totally algae free but there is a back corner that has some hair algae growing near the surface that haven't completely gone away. (I had slacked off on trimmings and proper fertilizing during midterms.) So there's possibility of algae.
Good news is that there has never been any scuds. The tank houses BKK, shadow pandas, CRS/CBS, and blue dreams and rogue blue velvets, plus blue ramshorns.

If after reading all of that and you are interested in the plants, let me know by post or PM.
It is overgrown so I don't know the exact types or quantities yet but will update when I start pulling and snipping. Shipping $7 priority if it fits in small box, no DOA. If you want insulation or it needs bigger box then $12 ship.

Plants so far:
1. Mixed mosses: flame, possibly spikey, anchor, java, christmas
2. Guppy grass- handful
3. corkscrew vallisneria 5+
4. Hydrocotyle sp. Japan
5. Salvinia minima
6. Frogbit
7. vallisneria (americana?)
8. Sword Vesuvius 5-6" tall- has algae on leaves
9. possibly Fissidens Fontanus but has single algae strands growing between fronds in the clump. They pull out but it is tedious. If too ugly I can discard.

Optional add on (shipping would need to be upgraded to $12 for bigger box.):
-A beautiful Tiger Nerite who has started egg-decorating
-brown/red ramshorns
-2 adult blue mystery snails- the last inch of shell growth had changed from baby blue color to dark almost black color. I moved them to another tank a month ago and shell color is improving but they are too big for this nano tank.
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