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Hi all! Got some stuff that's overgrowing the space I have, and some random decor and such up for sale... All prices are plus shipping - shipping is $6 for as much as you can get stuffed into a small priority flat rate box, or $11 if it needs a medium box (which is a rare occurence, unless you want a ton of stuff or some of the larger things). The only exception is the large pond marginals, which require larger box accommodations - PM me your zip for a quote. Or, if you're in CT, pick up locally in Fairfield.
$4 minimum order, please. Payment by paypal, please add $1 extra if using a credit card.

Snails and algae a possibility (especially with pond plants), use dips at your own discretion. Unless otherwise indicated, minimum length for regular stems is 4", and 6" plus for larger stems. Check to make sure these species are not invasive in your area before you order! Live arrival guaranteed if plants arrive in 2-3 days.

Any money earned goes toward supporting my crazy planted tank hobby and buying a big tank for my current obsession, loaches. :biggrin:


Lysimachia nummularia 'Aurea' (Golden Creeping Jenny)
- $5/bunch (8+ stems), tons available. Grown emersed or terrestrially, can be converted to submersed in well-lit tanks, or grown marginally in ponds. Pretty, bright lime green to yellow foliage depending on lighting. Yellow color in this cultivar is usually normal, not a sign of deficiencies.

Potamogeton amplifolius (Large-Leaf Pondweed) - $3/large stem, 4 large stems for $10. 8 stems available. Excellent floating cover for outdoor tubs and pond edges, helps keep fish from jumping out and provides shelter from predators, attracts frogs. Can also be grown as a submersed stem in large tanks, where its foliage takes on interesting, rusty tones.

Hydrocotyle verticillata (Whorled Pennywort) - $1/node, 10 nodes available (take all for $8). Growing as a marginal in my pond, can be converted to submersed growth in high lighting tanks.

Lindernia sp. 'Variegated' - $0.35/stem, 3/$1, 6 stems available.
Hygrophila corymbosa (Giant Hygro) - $1/stem, one available. SOLD
Polygonum sp. 'Kawagoeanum' - $0.50/stem, 4 stems available.
Ludwigia arcuata - $0.50/stem, 4 available SOLD
Echinodorus bleheri (Amazon Swordplant) - $2/small plant (~5") SOLD
Staurogyne sp. 'Porto Velho' - $0.50/stem, 4 available (1-2" foreground plant)
Rotala macrandra 'Green' - $0.50/stem, 6 available SOLD

Typha sp. (Cattails) - $10/portion. Requires larger shipping accomodations, tips of leaves may be trimmed for shipping. Many portions available. They're really taking over my pond, lol.
Variegated Sweet Flag (Acorus sp.)
- $5/rhizome. One 4-5" rhizome with leaves available. Requires larger shipping accomodations.

Corkscrew Willow Twigs (Dried): Free in small quantities on request, as a bonus gift. Limit 3 per person. These are nano tank sized, mostly about 8" long, give or take. Good for tanks with shrimp and for making mossy branch effects in small setups. Still have smooth, reddish bark on them, which I prefer the look of (plus it gives my baby bn plecos something to gnaw at and my shrimp stuff to pick at). Came from a dead branch on my corkscrew willow tree, and have been dead for about a year now (willow is aquarium-safe when it's alive, though, so there shouldn't be a problem with it... it's fine in several of my tanks, too). You may want to give it a short peroxide dip before using it, just in case.

River Sand: $6/portion, portion fills an entire small priority flat-rate. If you want this and some plants as well, I'll combine it all in a medium priority box. :) 2 portions available for now. both SOLD

This is locally-collected CT native river sand (long story short, it came from my backyard stream - continue reading for the long story, lol). It comes from a watershed area for a public water supply, so there is little to no chance of chemical contaminants - there are strict regulations here on the use of spray fertilizers, etc. This is a wonderful sand for sulawesi shrimp, and shrimp in general, as well as fish that love sandy substrates. I use it in my 20-gal hillstream loach setup, personally, as well as in my RCS setup, more recently. PM if you want a lot more info on it, I don't want to take up too much space here. It's been sifted and rinsed repeatedly to remove organics. Haven't had a problem with it impacting water chemistry, but my water is liquid rock anyway, so I wouldn't notice even if it did. It has a varied, darker, richer color than you'll get with play sand or other pale, uniform commercial sands.


I always include extras, the more $ you spend the more extras you get. Extras may include additional plants, river sand or gravel samples, corkscrew willow twigs, or other fun things. If there's something in particular you're looking for, ask with your order - if I can do it, I will.

I'm willing to accept trades for plant species I don't own already (one of these days we'll just tattoo "collectoritis" on my forehead, lol), assuming they can cope with my tank conditions (no soft water plants, please!). I'll toss in a free bunch of 4-5 stems of Ludwigia palustris to ANYONE who gets more than $10 worth of stuff. Submersed and emersed stems, take your pick or get a little of both (only have ~1 bunch submersed, though). Also willing to negotiate package prices if you want a whole variety of plants.

Happy Shopping! I'll update this thread with info on what's been sold or is still available, and updates on quantities :)

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PMed for Sand and Willow Twigs :)
PM replied :)

That sand is awesome. And to think I just spent $16 on 10 lbs of sand that has the consistency of powdered sugar :icon_roll
Thanks! :biggrin: Lol, I bet it doesn't taste as sweet as powdered sugar, though. :p


One portion of sand pending, one still available. :)
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