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16/22mm diameter tubing is essentially 5/8 tubing. I have a Fluval 407 that I run with the 16/22 lily pipes as that's the size the ribbed Fluval hosing is that comes with the kit. I've also swapped over to lily pipes. I am not personally familiar with all of the fx6 fittings, but I am betting that you are going to get a pretty strong flow out of such a reduced-size pipe. That is unless you can control the flow on the fx6 or can have the inlet tubing match the outlet. But that being said - I wouldn't personally reduce the flow of such a powerful filter, otherwise, I would've just gone with 2 smaller filters.

Additionally, it depends on what you are looking to achieve. If it is c02 dispersion then I'd go the spray bar route. It would allow you to control the flow pressure and give more even distribution in a large tank.

One last thing to note is that the fx6 siphoning strength may be too strong and actually just "suck" the skimmer down under the water. I only get about a quarter turn adjustment before this happens on mine. Actually about to post about a spray bar myself o_O
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