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Mistake with Lily Pipes?

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First of all, I am new to aquarium hobby so I am not sure if I made a mistake or not. I think I may have chosen the wrong size lily pipes for my filter. My filter is a Fluval fx6, which is quite powerful. I want a heavily planted tank for my 90 gallon (36x24x24)

I know that no matter what lily pipe I choose, the fx6 is going to be problematic with regard to size, so I will need some kind of an adapter. I want to use clear hose from ADA. The size hose the fx6 comes with is 1 inch. There are three or four different sizes for the ADA, none of which are one inch, so some kind of fitting would be needed

I got Dymax from BucePlants, but bought the 12/16. Here are the specs:
Specifications 12/16mm:
Outflow Pipe Length: 17CM
Outflow Pipe Width: 14.5CM
Outflow Cup Size: 5.5CM
Inflow Pipe Length: 17CM
'U' Pipe Size: 6.5CM
'U' Pipe Spacing: 3.8CM
Surface Skimmer Diameter: 4CM
Surface Skimmer Housing: 19.5CM
Total Inflow Pipe Size: 29CM
Outlet Diameter: 1.25CM

They do have a larger size (16/22).

Should I return the lily pipes and get a larger size or will this size work fine? It also comes with a surface skimmer which I hoped I could use for surface agitation instead of getting a powerhead or something like that.

Can you all maybe give some advice on 1) what I have done/am doing? and 2) is it wrong and what should I do instead? I would also appreciate any specific measurements with regard to converters I need? Thanks so much.

P.S. I am also getting a Pentair uv sterializer. Any advice on where you install this?

Having said all this... what about flow?
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OK. So how about this. Should I just return this lily pipe set for the one without the skimmer? I have a uv sterilizer and this insane pump (because this guy from Bulkreef insisted I need these two together) that should provide enough surface agitation:

Here are the lily pipes:

Is there a way to prevent the sucking of the skimmer into the water if I went with the other option.

Btw, here is my Co2 system:

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