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So long story short I wanted to to set up a tank for a musk turtle and instead of just a cheap basking platform I wanted to make a sort of landscape. So I used expansion foam to build up the "land" and then I tried to silicon the edges. Well, water is getting inside the expansion foam section one way or another. Should I just gut the tank? Give up on making a "landmass" with expansion foam. Should I tear it all apart and try again? Or should I just leave it be?

I feel option C should be a hard pass, guessing the water (however much is inside the foam would be a ammonia hot spot waiting to blow. I really wanted this tank to look nice and it does.... But is the expansion foam build just not worth the holes water is getting through. Lastly did I just screw up my foam job / silicone?

I plan on pothos being on the landmass too, and I have plants for the water as well.
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