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Missing rasboras

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Last night I put six rasboras in my tank with my betta and ottos. I know I haved preached against putting other fish with bettas but that is beside the point. Any who I got home from work and I only have five rasboras left no bones no nothing in my tank. I wonder where he went
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Aww that poor rasbora!! They are very known jumpers. is your tank fully covered?
Yep, check around the tank if it isn't fully covered. Also check all possible hiding spots, nooks and crannies, near plants, etc; if there is a corpse there you'll want to remove it. Also check inside your filter if the intake isn't covered.
Well I got a bio whelk 150 pretty sure he is not in there I looked through all my plants under my drift wood and didn't see him the only part of my tank not covered is where the filter and heater is idk if he could jump out of those holes
Fish are surprisingly good at finding those impossible holes.
Fish are surprisingly good at finding those impossible holes.
+1, and rasbora's and kuhli's are particularly bad about it too
Well I can't find my little fishy looked all on the ground under things he may flopped under and nothing. No body or bones in the tank any place idk I feel bad the fish is gone and worried ammonia spike if he is in the tank some place
i've got 2 cats, and when im missing a fish, i can almost never tell if he jumped out...haha. i know they have eaten them in the past.
Ok guys woke up this morning to do my regular body checks of all my tanks. Stuck to my filter strainer was headless and tailless body of my rasbora I was looking for along with another one of his friends so I'm down to 4 rasboras. I think my betta is doing the killing so I got him a tank all to his self.
Aw, sorry about your fish. At least you found them though. I'd check the inside of the filter for body parts (sorry), maybe swish the media in old tank water; you don't want that decaying in there. A good water change with vacuum might be a good idea too in case water quality was affected. Hopefully you won't lose any more fish!
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