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Not sure if anyone will find their way here now, but I have more mischling a available. Had a lot more in my tank than I thought and have another order or two left. Pm if interested of course.

I am now also selling the orange rilis that are also in the picture. $4.5 per shrimp, +1 shrimp at 10 quantity. Cheapest price you'll find.

I have an excess of mischlings in my tank. I started with 10 F1s that were a direct cross from TB and CBS. I now have about 50 in my tank descended from the originals, and 20 TBs. TB patterns include wine red, shadow panda, regular panda, black king kong, and blue bolt. The pattern on the mischlings range from S - SSS. I will pick a random sampling, please no picking (may cost extra if you really want to). The mischlings you receive will be chosen form the 50 or so I have, I cannot confirm exactly how close to the F1 generation they are, but I am still getting TBs from the tank.

$4.50 per shrimp, your choice of CRS or CBS. Priority or express box, insulated, but I am out of heat packs at the moment. Please mind your weather. Live arrival guarantee with express if a picture is given showing dead shrimp within two hours of delivery. Please let me know if you want express and I can check pricing. No LAG with priority, but if something bad happens I am more than willing to work something out. Priority is $12.

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