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Mischling Tank

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So I started prepping my first Mischling tank (after a good bit of researching) about 7 weeks ago. Now it finally looks nice enough to share.

You can see how it started to now, and some of my Mischlings & TB's that call it their new home.

Thanks again to everyone who answered all my questions and looking forward to sharing future progress.
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I'm looking through here and just had to comment on those pics... That is one beautiful tank! Wow.
woww that looks great! your blue bolt is cute :)

Yeah he looks really small next to the adults. I cant wait for some more babies to be running around the tank.
what kind of moss is that, that grows straight up?!
What are you keeping your parameters at? They are really cute shrimp :) The tank suites them Awesome job!
Many thanks.

I been keeping the parameters at
Ph: 6
Gh: 5
TDS: 170 it's working so have not bother to try and lower it.
Maybe you guys can help me ID this plant that I have in the tank.

I have asked in other section before and was told Syngonanthus Sp. but it's flowering now and I have not figured out what exact species it might be.
Looks like an erio flower to me
What is a "Mischling"?
Its breeding Taiwan Bee x CRS or CBS

Side note: If I don't remove the eori flower the plant can die is this true? :icon_eek:
That's what ibwas told as well. Be sure to cut the whole stock down
I heard it was a myth, but I don't really keep plants- so what do I know?
Only one way to find out. Hopefully if you have other erios in the tank like 2-4 this one is expendable. Do an experiment and let it flower.
So after been gone for a week on vacation I came home to some hugry shrimp, and even better I had a nice surprise in my mischling tank.. 2 berried females woot:bounce:
Congrats! So what did you feed them prior to leaving that allowed them to survive on their own for a week? :)
1 - 20 of 34 Posts
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