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Miracle Gro Organic Choice potting mix problem?

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Hey guys, I have a surface scum problem in my 100gal tank w/plants. I am using canister filter w/outlet at surface w/strong current length of tank. I have tried H2O changes but so joy. Lighting is LED w/gravel substrate over Miracle Gro potting mix beneath. Water chemistry is fine w/75degree temp. I tried adding air stone which helped but when I cut it off this problem reappears. Never had this problem before and only thing I changed was change to dirted tank. Any ideas?
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Can create rippling effect on the surface with spray bar that helps break up the scum until it goes away as tank matures.
Can also be caused by protein's,enzymes produced by plant's as they adapt to the tank,over feeding, not rinsing gravel enough before capping the dirt,leaching of organic matter from newly established substrate,poor filter maint.
Strong rippling effect,weekly 50 % water changes,clean or cleaner filter material is all I ever do and it goes away within a few week's.
P.S. Floating bunches of plant's like water sprite or anacharis,or duckweed,seem's to offer some help also.
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