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Minnows stressed by filter?

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Hi all,

I've been having a lot of trouble with this new 10g tank of mine; in spite of 1)seeding the tank with filter/rocks from an established tank, 2)low nitrites/ammonia, 3)stable temperature, 4)shrimps surviving at least a week or two, fish keep dying. I've tried WCMs, long finned zebra danios, and pristella tetras. They all end up weakening, not really eating, and dead, caught on the filter (HOB) intake.

I threw away the piece of driftwood/root I had in there as it was developing a LOT of funky white stuff on it (fungus? it was still there over two weeks) and changed the water completely, as well as soaking the tank with chlorinated water for a while.

Anyway, now I have 4 gold white cloud minnows in there, and at least they seem to be eating, if acting shy. However they seem freaked out by my filter; they hide more when it's on (even at the lowest setting-it's a whisper 10 or 20), but come out to play when it's off. I thought these fish like a bit of current. Oh and again, the shrimp seem to do fine either way.

What do you guys think?
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