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minimum flow rate of aquarium chiller

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I am looking into buying a chiller for my 40 gal aquarium. I have found the following chiller:

However, this thing has a flow rate specification of 1000l/h - 2500l/h. Obviously, if I would create such a rate of flow in my small tank, neither my plants nor the fish would be happy. Why is there a minimum flow requirement at all? It seems to me that I should be able to attach this chiller after my canister filter (eheim 2213), which pumps about 200-250 liters per hour. The chiller should have no trouble cooling the water. Bu I'm not sure.

Any ideas?

This company also has the HC-150A model, whose flow rate fits my aquarium, but unfortunately, it isn't available here in Turkey...
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How hot does it get there in Turkey where you're looking at a chiller for a planted tank?

On top of that, why are you getting such a huge chiller? For a tank of that size, 1/10 is all that you really need at most.
I wasn't able to find smaller chillers. the HC-300A is the smallest I can get. So either I have to find a way to use that chiller or none at all.

If I stop using the fan that I currently use to cool the aquarium, the water temperature will reach 33 degrees Celsius (91.5 F)
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