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Minibow 2.5 o 5.5 AGA?

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I can replace my 2.5 (cracked) tank with either one of the tanks mentioned in the title. I kind of want to do an Iwagumi style, so I figured the sharp 5.5 would be good. Already have the filter from the 2.5. It has been sitting around for a week (actually more, maybe 2). Is it still cycled? Could I just put it in and have an instantly cycled tank? I will be doing cheap black gravel with nice rocks if I go the Iwagumi style in the 5.5 (which I think I'll go with). But does anyone have experience with the 2.5? Is it glass? Are the filter and light any good? I want to use this as a tank to hatch cherries and other shrimp in, away from predators. But I still might have a few small fish ,like, I dunno, Neons, and just put them in a breeder while the shrimp are in? And the shrimp will be coming from my Ebi at Please comment on this as well as that link, as I really want to hear your input. Thanks in advance, Kiran.
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If your filter has been sitting dry for 2 weeks, then it is no longer cycled.

If it was sitting in an aquarium, running, for 2 weeks, it may just need a little kick start, as the bacteria have probably started dying.

Neons will eat shrimps.
Go with the 5.5.
I've got an Iwagumi set up I'm starting, link is in my signature. Its in an ADA 5.5 with an eheim 2211.
The All-Glass aquarium tanks are probably the best candidate to be de-rimmed and with that size I think its safe, someone chime in here if thats not true but I've seen AGA 20 high's de-rimmed and running for over a year.

If you want to go Iwagumi i really like the look of sand. You can get pool filter sand from home depot that would look really nice in a desert style Iwagumi which would be nice to see, plus food would be on the surface of the sand making it easy for baby shrimp to get at.
1 - 3 of 3 Posts
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