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mini sized filters and lighting?

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Hi, where can I find a mini filter that is used for nano tanks? I bought a cool vase thing that is square and wanted to turn it into a nano tank. thanks!
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How small is it? How bought let the plants be the filter and add some circulation with a Tunze Mini 5024.04 powerhead?
where can i find one of those??
I don't know how small your tank is, but most nano tanks would work well with one of the Red Sea HOB nano filters or the Azoo brand which is pretty much the same exact thing.
where can i find one of those??
I think I searched out the best price before I bookmarked this, I could be wrong. You might find a better deal at one of the numerous places selling them online. Tunze Mini

I would go for a palm filter... Despite having plants, its nice to have some mechanical filtration, or anything else you might choose to put in there...
I like that azoo palm filter! Its so tiny! And $5.99! So that filters like a regular HOB filter?
I think the palm/azoo is a good nano/pico filter and yes it functions exactly like a regular HOB.
Try the Azoo Palm or Azoo Galaxy lights. They're neat.
Yes the palm is great!! And looks appealing as well! But that light I wouldn't bother with. There are cheap lights specifically made for, which provide decent light (like the Galaxy one). Here are some colorfull ones
Ukrainetz, what is the kelvin rating on those? I couldn't find it on the page (or maybe I missed it ~ par for the course today). Looks like those would be good for general lighting to see by, but not for growing plants, where the Azoo ones are the correct kelvin for growing.
Oh I absolutely agree on that Linda, I didn't realize that RachPreach was going to have any plants in there. Those little lights are just for fish viewing, wouldn't even bother searching for their temps :p.
if i got a galaxy light, would i have issues with algae since im going to use co2?
No sorry, LED lights just will not cut it. The only thing LEDs are useful for, is as moonlights. If you find a tiny light fixture that houses a regular socket bulb, you could put in one of those low watt coil fluoresents. I feel incandescent will cause too many problems in that small a tank. The galaxy light is a very nice choice.

Tell us how much water this vase will hold, and also what kind of plants you're planning on keeping in it.
the vase is 6x6x10....the 10 is the height and these are in inches. Its not very big at all. im not sure what plants i wanted to keep in it. Im really new to nanos. Im used to my 100 gallon planted
Wow that is very small! Its about 1.5Gal. You really ought to post in the plants section for plant ideas... Lighting wise, a 7W CF bulb should be plenty, but again it depends on the plants you want to keep. Another idea is not to have the light attached to the vase, but instead have a lamp that bends over the aquarium with style. I've seen setups like that, and they look awesome. Good luck
i have a 1 gallon with 1 anubias nana and some java moss. without filter the main problem will be water quality. light i use 10 watts of fluorescent. the lighting isn't meant to light an aquarium, it came screwed with the learning desk in my gf's room. i just put nano tank there.
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