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I planted this tank today to donate to a charity auction in a few weeks, I wanted to keep it somewhat low tech but still intricate. I wanted to make sure, nothing would grow too fast or tall and take over the take over the long term, but still offer noticeable growth over the short term, I think that's what a lot of beginners like to see. I didn't use moss or riccia or glosso or anything too hard to trim or care for.

I will update after filling and after some growth!

My intention is to have the Marsilea quadrifolia come out the top of the tank around the piece of wood and in the back left corner

I planted Marsilea SP around the edges of where the narrow leaf microsword is

There is Rotala indica mixed in sparcely on the back and left side

the bright red on the right side is Rotala macranda,

in front of the rocks on the right is crypt wendtii red

in front of the wood on the left is crypt parva, left of that is Bacopa caroliniana

towards the front is hydrocotyle sibitherpoides

Marsilea SP
Marsilea quadrifolia
Rotala macranda
Rotala Indica
Narrow leaf micro sword
crypt wendtii red
crypt parva
Bacopa Caroliniana
Hydrocotyle sibitherpoides

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How do you think the Macrandra will do in the long run without co2.

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I have done it before. It's still an attractive plant but I found I could only get it to be orange at best. Actually, when it started to turn reddish, it actually looked worse than it did lower in the tank when yellow or orange. My low tech wasn't super low light at the time either, I don't believe 2x15 watt CFL's over a 45cm 6 gallon.
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